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Is Online Tutoring A Viable Option For Learners In The UK?



Do you know why online tutoring is a viable option for students in the UK?

First, let us tell you how the current system works and what improvements are in process.
The UK education system does not understand many students’ individual needs, capacities and capabilities, especially what is more commonly known as the inflexion point of intelligence. But, there is an Artificial Intelligence-based Ed-Tech Platform that solves all your learning worries.

Now, let’s start with how the current system works for school students in the UK.

The UK Education System and School Allocations

According to the current education system in the UK, every learner is allocated a school at the age of 11. One of the biggest pros of this is that every learner gets a school through a centralised allocation system. Acceptance into schools is not dependent on residential location and financial capability.

The flip side of this is that the allocation is based on the grades of a student, at the time of allocation. As the capabilities of different children carry, and their points of inflexion vary. So, this model only favours the students who are at their peak at an early age.

If a child does not have the best grades by the time they turn 11, they have a low chance of getting into a good Grammar School. She may get relegated to a public school that is not her choice, even though she has a good seven years ahead of her before she has to prove her mettle for college. Who knows, she might mature in intelligence in those seven years and showcase much better grades than she once did when she was 11.

What Next For These Students

Sadly, the system does not acknowledge this. And hence, at 11, children are allocated to public schools or Grammar Schools, based on their grades at the time. There is a third option for students that fail to get into the elite Grammar Schools of the UK, and that is, of course, private schools.
Private schools offer good quality education, services and facilities, but are super expensive in the UK. Private school fees are almost impossible in terms of affordability for middle-income households.
Public Schools, on the other hand, are affordable, but they offer standard facilities and services compared to private schools. There is often a larger student-to-teacher ratio, so personalised attention almost becomes impossible.

Why an E-learning platform is a solution

The solution to all those issues is an independent E-learning platform for online tutoring services. The best online tutoring sites in the UK make supplementary education affordable for public school students.

Some examples of E-learning platforms for A levels & GCSE provide the cheapest Secondary School Tutors for GCSE Sciences. They also offer private school students the option to study at their own pace and capabilities. 

How Can NEON’s Supplementary Online Tutoring Help You?

Neon is one of the best online tutoring sites UK aiming to provide the following benefits to different students.

  • Neon offers four different subscription packages that suit the unique needs of students.  It offers fast-track, more in-depth classes, that meet the appetite and capabilities of genius students, as well as offering other students personalised attention that may be needed in certain subjects that is not otherwise available in schools, mainly public schools.


  • Whether you need a level physics tutor online, an online biology tutor, or an English tutor, Neon is here to help you 
  • Neon offers flexible tutoring on complex subjects. All tutors are qualified and experienced in A-Level private tuition, and hired from top Universities in the UK.
  • Classes are online, saving time on student commutes.
  • Classes are affordable, irrespective of whether the learner attends a public school or otherwise. Neon has the Cheapest Secondary School Tutors for GCSE Sciences
  • Classes follow the proper curriculum and there are compulsory assessments after each class. Neon is an Artificial Intelligence-based Ed-Tech Platform. All the assignments and assessments are tracked by AI to deliver personalized mentorship to students through Q&A and clarification of certain concepts.
  • Flexible monthly payments and easy cancellation with no tie-in periods work best for stressed-out parents.
  • For English tuition in London, we have expert English Tutors, who work hard to teach students
  • Complete accountability towards AS/A level guidance to achieve A* in the four core subjects of Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Whenever you need a level physics tutor online, an online biology tutor, or an English tutor, Neon is here to help you.
  • Guidance on other related aspects such as examination techniques and mark schemes overviews per subject.

Final Thoughts

Neon is an Artificial Intelligence-based Ed-Tech Platform that is bringing revolution to education. Now you can get Cheapest High School Tutors for GCSE Sciences and major A- level subjects

To know more, you can reach out for a consultation, or get a free demo of our website. Get some free hands-on experience with NEON’s proprietary tutoring portal.

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