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Why NEON is one of the Best Social Learning Sites


Lets face it! It is impossible to keep children off social apps such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The 18+ requirements are so flimsy that just about anyone can find ways around them.

But what if there were social media intended for children? Better still, what if there was a site for students looking to connect with other students of a particular subject, for group study, for projects or a discussion?

Umm. Tell me more, Id say. Wouldnt you?

And thats where NEONs digitised eLearning platform comes into play. All of NEONs online private tutor lectures on subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are given on a new and proprietary platform that doubles up as a social learning platform for learners.


Social Learning: What is it Exactly?

Social Learning is simply a well-put-together term for peer-to-peer learning through a platform where social interaction and engagement can be made possible.

In other words, social learning is where learners can interact and befriend other learners to transfer knowledge by having discussions, asking questions, taking up group study sessions, handling assignments and homework together, etc.

Simply put, a social site for students to connect with other students and engage in learning through each others strengths.


Social Learning

How is NEON providing Social Learning through its e-learning platform?

Neon is one of the best online tutoring sites in the UK. NEONs Artificial Intelligence-based Ed-Tech Platform works precisely like other social platforms.

Here enrolled students can create their profiles and connect with others within the platform—especially those interested in the same subjects, topics and subtopics. The average cost of tutoring per hour UK is high, So NEON offers ease at an affordable price.

The students in question need not be from the same school, county, or country, thus making the world accessible through online peer-to-peer connectivity. Further, NEON helps you  get a guaranteed A* in A levels.

Connected students can set up groups to tide through some problematic discussions or even for projects or homework. They can also join the groups set up by their teachers with the same kind of functionality and purpose as Facebook groups but with a pre-set education theme in mind.


Benefits of Social Learning

Since the platform is meant for students and connects students over a common interest in certain subjects, there are many benefits of social learning.

    1. Students can connect without there being any geographical proximity.
    2. It is easier for students to understand other students who speak the same lingothan to understand complex online private tutor and their sometimes complicated jargon.
    3. It fosters a sense of group-study mentality.
    4. You will get guaranteed A* in A levels.
    5. It encourages participation and teamwork.
    6. It also boosts other soft skills unrelated to academics, such as holding group conversations, framing questions, etc.
    7. Get brilliant AS / A level Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Bio tutors.
    8. It fosters a sense of inclusivity and diversity.
    9. It encourages a sense of healthy competition.

NEON is one of the best online tutoring sites in the UK, which provides you with a brilliant online private tutor for a respective subject. Take advantage of this social learning platform and trial NEONs independent tutoring subscriptions. Through the trial, you, as a parent, can access NEONs platform and understand its social learning features and potential.

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