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  Languages. You either love them or you hate them. Either way, they’re extremely beneficial to study, as they can differentiate you and the other students when applying to university. It can also play a massive part in future career goals, as many companies look for bi-lingual applicants. And, if you want to travel, need I say more? Many students don’t reap the benefits of having the opportunity to learn a language

  The cost-of-living crisis. Where the price of basic and essential items, like energy bills and food, has risen so drastically that it has surpassed the average household wage. Affecting everyone in the UK, many families are forced to make impossible decisions, between heating, food and children’s education, none of these things should fall on the back burner. “I am very worried about the next few months. (My son) looks at the

  The GCSE exams are an important milestone in every student’s career as there are 3 important compulsory subjects for every student. Maths, English and Science. But many students feel that their individual needs are not consistently met regarding the preparation for GCSE exams, which became evident during the pandemic. For disadvantaged students especially, the GCSE grade gap has become the widest in a decade. In this Guardian article the General Secretary of

  So, exam season. I bet we can all think of a few things we would rather do than GCSE or A-Levels exam prep. Revising for any subject can be frustrating, as well as boring. Even if you've been preparing all year or just now scrambling for notes at the last minute, it’s always challenging to figure out the methods that help you retain the most information. Luckily for young achievers,