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Working Alongside Schools in Developing Countries to Create Equal Opportunities for Children


On October 28th, Neon Edu’s London team had a discussion with Wecan School’s Board & Principal over Zoom, United Kingdom as part of a possible collaboration to support the school’s 3500+ students. In addition to PK Das, Founder & Director of Neon Edu; Kitty Rimell, Head of Marketing and Sarah Lanes, Head of Partnerships, were in attendance.


“The Purpose of our journey is to democratise inequalities in educational opportunities, reduce the cost of education and enable access to quality supplementary help to students.” – Pk Das, Director and Founder of Neon Edu.




The Wecan Society, an NGO registered under the Indian Societies Act 1958, runs nine schools in Jaipur, India with over 3500 students. The majority of students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The school offers a FEE waiver to more than 2000 students.  Ms Anju Madan, the principal, and board members participated in the Zoom call with Neon Edu.





“At NEON-EDU, our purpose is to alleviate financial stress for struggling families and ensure children have a fair chance of securing a placement at the universities of their choice”


In order to build a better world for our children, Neon Edu expressed a desire to join hands with Wecan society. We at Neon Edu want to ensure all children have a fair chance of getting accepted to the university of their choice and pursuing the career of their dreams. Neon Edu discussed providing Oxford-Cambridge educated tutors/mentors-led free learning hours and the advanced AI-enabled Ed-Tech platform for Wecan schools to track performance in real-time. Neon Edu supports schools & charities around the world through high-quality teaching support from UK tutors of Neon Edu as well as scholarships of free learning hours on the platform for bright students from disadvantaged families.



About Neon Education Ltd

Neon education ltd is a private Ed-tech platform. Our operation caters to students UK-wide and expands to Africa, and the India sub-continent is on the cards. It’s an equal partnership for the mutual benefit of the organisations involved. Our goal is to support bright students in the school with high-quality support, assisting them in their studies without any fee. In addition, we will tutor along with the school’s local teachers and provide them with online supplementary English language classes. Our platform is based on AI analytics, and it helps to track every student’s performance on a real-time basis and provide this information to the teachers.