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Cost-Effective Opportunities for Low-Income Families to Achieve Personal Academic Goals


With the rapid increase in household goods, the cost of living crisis has affected 93% of adults/families across the UK, according to the Office of National Statistics. 93%! Families all over the UK are worried about keeping up with bills, taking on extra work, and making massive budget cuts in their regular spending. Understandably, this means that many families cannot ensure their children are succeeding academically.

First, what is the cost of living crisis?  Well, the cost of living crisis is where the price of basic and essential items, like energy bills and food, has risen so drastically it has surpassed the average household wage.

“Parents and disadvantaged pupils are increasingly feeling the pressure of increased prices and more children are becoming at risk of the negative impacts of poverty on health and wellbeing. Socio-economic factors have the single biggest impact on educational achievement and outcomes for young people, and often the poorest in society are those most affected by cuts or price increases because they have no access to additional resources.” The cost-of-living crisis set to further widen attainment gap | FE News


So, What is Neon-Edu?

With the costs of everything increasing, Neon-Edu understands how difficult it is to keep up with all the finances and constant bills. Neon-Edu is an online learning platform unlike any other supplementary tutoring program out there, and for a fraction of the cost. Access to tutors and mentors, insight into your child’s progress, the ability to review the tutor’s performance and a social page for group revision, are only some of the services Neon-Edu is offering. For the price of only £40 per month for each subject. Subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, Spanish and French.

Working with this goal in mind, Neon-Edu hopes to reassure families that their children can receive further learning, without worrying about a significant chunk of their finances going missing. 10 hours of learning a month, including lessons, feedback and assessments, all boil down to the price of a coffee for an hour, with guaranteed success. Furthermore, Neon-Education is presenting families with Government Financial Aid with access to various additional discounts for the learning program.




Students should not be expected to jeopardise their education to, paradoxically, fund their education, and neither should it be necessary for parents to sacrifice their own financial security to support them.” –The cost-of-living crisis will force students to choose between studying and eating | Chelsie Henshaw | The Guardian



What are Neon-Edu Offering Families Affected by the Cost of Living Crisis?

With the pricing of Neon-Edu already cost-efficient, Neon-Edu is going above and beyond and is also offering additional discounts and scholarships for families struggling financially. Depending on your financial situation, you can receive between 50%-80% bursary for Neon-Edu subscriptions.


“At NEON-EDU, our purpose is to alleviate financial stress for struggling families and ensure children have a fair chance of securing a placement at the universities of their choice”


To qualify for a discount, you must fall under one of these categories:

But, why would my child need further learning assistance?

Good question! Well, after Covid, after the years when students were forced to have their school in-person lessons replaced, online classes that had to be arranged by teachers and schools had a significant impact on the scores of those children.




“The results show the profound toll on student learning during the pandemic, as the size and scope of the declines are the largest ever in mathematics,’ Said the commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics.School test results took a HISTORIC hit during the pandemic (dailymail.co.uk)




So, that brings us back to Neon-Edu.

To qualify for these discounts (50%-80%!), you must be able to provide evidence and documents to show that you are eligible. Once confirmed you are, a price reduction will be calculated based on what category you fall under and your financial situation, data will be kept confidential. For those interested, feel free to send us a message with our contact form or on WhatsApp.


For more information on the cost of living crisis and how it is impacting children academically, please check out this article: The cost-of-living crisis is threatening to worsen student wealth disparities (epigram.org.uk)