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Homework Learning Yr 1-6

  /  Homework Learning Yr 1-6

The purpose of homework is to reinforce what kids learn in School and to help them retain concepts. Pupils in primary schools often need help with homework & clarification on concepts , but busy parents find it difficult to provide that assistance.

For Yr 1 – 6 students, Neon offers a one-of-a-kind service where we assist with the day’s homework in Math and Science as well as teach & test key concepts related to the homework topic at the same time.

Not only has the homework been completed, but fundamental concepts have been learned at the same time.

Homework Learning Yr 1 – 6

Year 1 to 6: Regular disciplined guidance to clear the basic concepts & stay updated with regular homework given in School

Weekly 4 days (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu) during term time.

1 hour Live Online lesson each day over Zoom

Math, Science & English homework & learning will be covered collectively

Learning activities planned in each 1-hour lesson:

  • 30 mins spent on School’s Homework
  • 30 mins Teaching on the same topic
  • 1-hour month end Quiz / Tests
  • Handouts (regular basis) to parents for practice

Regular disciplined learning, assessment & feedback every month

Monthly Direct Debit payment for 9 months will be taken which will cover all the 3 Term times for the whole year duration

Easy cancellation anytime by providing a month’s notice by email

Homework Learning Program

KS1- Yr. 1-2: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thru - £20 /month by Direct Debit (effective £1.25/day)
KS2 -Yr. 3-6: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs- £20/month by Direct Debit (effective £1.25/day)